Each and every day we are given the opportunity to vote with our hard earned dollars. We believe this type of voting is even more important than going to the ballot boxes.

Voting with your dollars can directly affect your health, your family, the environment, and future economic paradigms. HempStrong was created to give consumers the power to purchase brands that have their best interests in mind. All of the brands that work alongside HempStrong give 3.1% of their net profit to the HempStrong Fund that is allocated to nonprofits that specialize in the environment, alternative medicine, hemp research, legalization campaigns, economic research, sustainable business ethics, and cannabinoid research.


Mission: Become the new standard in socially conscious business practices.


Are you a business owner that is looking to join the HempStrong Fund or just need some help getting your website up in going? Reach out and let us help. 

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Why 3.1% of Profit?

We chose 3.1% because hemp seeds are a superfood that Doctors describe as having the perfect balance of omega 6 to omega 3. This ratio happens to be 3:1.  3.1% was thus chosen to help bring awareness to the fact that most western diets that depend on processed foods have ratios closer to 15:1 or higher. This out of whack omega fatty acid ratio contributes to body inflammation, skin irritation, allergies and late life health problems. If we expect to improve our health care system we first have to start improving our own diets.

By encouraging the development of an international cannabis market we hope to benefit our (1) consumer’s health, the (2) environment’s health, and the (3) economy’s health.